The complete {API} and web interface for your smart garden

Manage your smart garden from anywhere
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Connect your smart garden

GetGrowing is a complete REST API and web interface for your smart garden. Easily manage your garden and connect your sensors to our API.

Manage your garden

Our API monitors your system

Data charts

Track your data and see it visualized with charts

System notifications

Get text messages when there's a problem with your garden

Plant database

Access information on 86000+ plant species


  • Complete REST API with JSON endpoints
  • Endpoints for managing gardens, plants, sensor data and more
  • Web interface with visual charts for monitoring garden and sensor data including air & water temperature, pH levl, soil moisture, water level and more.
  • SMS alerts to notify you of issues with your gardens, weather, etc.
  • Access information to 86000+ plant species and import grow settings
  • Scaleable to any size garden